Kosovo: Italian and Moldovan military in training

(To Greater Defense)

Italian and Moldovan soldiers of the maneuvering battalion of Regional Command West, in compliance with the anticovid measures, they led together with a Hungarian team of the battalion of the Tactical Reserve Manoeuver (KTM) of KFOR the crowd control training with the reaction to the use of incendiary devices (fire phobia) at the training area of ​​Novo Selo.

In addition, together with a platoon of Ukrainian engineers, they trained in the FoMD (Freedom of Movement Detachment) aimed at removing obstacles or roadblocks to ensure freedom of movement in the event of serious unrest or demonstrations by violent masses.

The RC-W multinational maneuvering battalion made up of three companies (Italian, Slovenian and Austrian) and two platoons (Moldovan and Macedonian) has achieved full operational capacity aimed at consolidating the standardization of the procedures to be applied to the conduct of the tactical acts envisaged by the mandate defined by United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244.

Joint training is a fundamental moment of mutual professional growth that improves interoperability and promotes operational synergy between the various multinational units of KFOR.

In particular, the Italian-led multinational contingent, based on the 1st Mountain Artillery Regiment of the Alpine Brigade Taurinense, operates according to three guidelines aimed at guaranteeing the security of the Monastery of Decane, at monitoring the freedom of movement in the western sector of Kosovo and at promoting the economic and social development of the Kosovar population through the projects of the Civil and Military Cooperation (CIMIC).