Kosovo: donation of medical equipment

(To Greater Defense)

Digital electrocardiographs, defibrillators, oxygenators and numerous other electromedical equipment were donated by the Italian military of the Regional Command West of KFOR to the family medicine centers of the municipalities of Kacanik and Helez Han, in the south-east of Kosovo.

The initiative is intended to increase the efficiency of the structures that provide health care to the over 45.000 inhabitants of two of the municipalities most affected by the second wave of Covid-19.

The project, financed by the Ministry of Defense, was completed by the Italian military of the Western Regional Command of the NATO KFOR mission on the 5th ground artillery regiment "Superga" of the Army stationed in Portogruaro, under the command of Colonel Gianluca Figus, together with the civil-military cooperation team.

Numerous are the activities carried out throughout Kosovo by the NATO mission in support of the local response to Covid-19.

Last week the Italian contingent of KFOR had restored the medical oxygen production plant of the Prizren regional hospital.

The NATO KFOR mission is commanded by the Italian Major General Franco Federici and has 3.500 men and women from 27 Nations, committed to contributing to the security and freedom of movement of all communities in Kosovo according to the mandate of UN resolution 1244 of 1999 .

Italy is the second contributor country after the United States, and is committed together with other allies and partners also to impartially assist institutions in Kosovo in certain areas such as health and education.