Kosovo: distribution of medicines concluded

(To Army Majority State)

The second round of events that saw the distribution of drugs, collected in Italy by Banco Farmaceutico ONLUS, ended in the past few days in favor of hospitals and polyclinics present in the western sector as part of the mission in Kosovo by soldiers Italians of the Multinational Battle Group West (MNBG-W) deployed in that area. The activity was conducted with the aim of supporting the recipients of these donations and compensating for the pharmacological deficiencies of the aforementioned hospitals.

The cycle of meetings allowed the distribution of drugs for a total of: 2.300 bottles of physiological solution; about 9.000 packages of analgesics and 900 anticoagulant packs, which are added to 16.624 packs of medicines distributed since the beginning of the year. The allocation of medicines was balanced between the various Kosovo Albanian and Kosovo Serb nosocomos present in the region.

The bodies involved in the distribution were: the regional hospitals of Pejë / Peč and Djakovica / Gjakovë, the polyclinics in Gorazdevač / Gorazdhec and Osojane / Osojan. During the donations, the commander of the MNBG-W, accompanied by his staff, met the medical staff to discuss the health problems afflicting the territory, as well as the health equipment necessary for the care of the civilian population.

This last series of donations completes the work begun in April of this year, realized thanks to the continuous support of Banco Farmaceutico ONLUS. In fact, this project, conducted with the aim of bringing drugs to countries with socio-economic and health difficulties, allowed the collection of medicines through donations made by 12 Italian pharmaceutical agencies.

The medicines collected were transported to the various operating theaters through defense military carriers and in turn distributed through cooperation between the Italian military contingent and the local civil bodies present in the area of ​​operation. Extreme gratitude was expressed by the health personnel of the hospitals visited for the work carried out by KFOR and Italy, for the continuous collaboration offered, especially by the Italian soldiers who, with their work, contribute not only to the stability of the country, but also to the well-being of the local population.