Kosovo: change of the Italian contingent

(To Army Majority State)

In the military base of Camp Villaggio Italia, Colonel Gianluca Figus, in the presence of the commander of the Kosovo Force, Major General Franco Federici and the Ambassador of Italy in Kosovo, Nicola Orlando, gave up Francesco Maioriello as head of the Regional Command West, a multinational unit within which contingents of military personnel from Austria, Italy, North Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland and Turkey operate.

“This period has been very busy for Regional Command West, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the virus has not diminished the ability to conduct military operations and activities in support of local communities always carried out in compliance with our mandate ", underlined Colonel Figus, thanking the military of the Regional Command West for the commitment shown. “I was here in 1999 and it was great emotion to return after twenty years and see the great steps forward that have been made to ensure the stability of the region. The real beauty of Kosovo is its cultural diversity: an example of ethnic variety and tolerance towards all the people who live here. Through the Military Civil Cooperation projects we have worked in this direction, involving the population of every ethnicity or religion, investing in crucial sectors to improve the quality of life of Kosovars. In particular, we have supported the education and public health sectors, to give a further injection of lifeblood in order to contribute to the development of a solid future for the inhabitants of Kosovo. "

During their mandate, the artillerymen of the 5th "Superga" regiment, in compliance with the provisions of United Nations Resolution 1244 of 1999, guaranteed freedom of movement to the local population and maintained the conditions of security and stability necessary to favor the continuation of the dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo promoted by the European Union.

As part of the activities of Civil Military Cooperation, over 40 projects have been carried out, impartially and detailed by the Regional Command West in favor of the institutions in Kosovo and local communities. Particular attention was paid to the measures to prevent contagion from Covid-19.

Many donations of medical equipment, personal protective equipment.

Moreover, thanks to the professionalism of the specialized health teams, which acted in full compliance with the provisions of the local authorities, numerous schools were sanitized, allowing students to resume lessons.

Today the 1st land (mountain) artillery regiment of the Army, stationed in Fossano (CN), takes over from the 5th land artillery regiment (rocket launcher) “Superga”, after completing its six-month mandate in Kosovo.

The ceremony took place in full compliance with the envisaged anti Covid-19 regulations.