Kosovo: CIMIC activities for the Italian contingent

(To Greater Defense)

Two civil-military cooperation projects have recently been completed, among the Italian soldiers of the Regional Command West (RC-W) and the Kosovar population.

In the last ten days of September, donations were made in the municipalities of Peja / Pec and Donja Gusterica di Gracanica by the Italian unit of the multinational command of the KFOR mission, which currently sees the paratroopers of the Army brigade more involved thunderbolt with Yellow Devils of the 185 ° rgt artillery paratroopers and the logistic rgt thunderbolt.

The first donation, made to the municipality of Peja / Pec, saw the donation of wooden chessboards for the blind and visually impaired to the state institute of Xheladin Deda.

The same school was subsequently sanitized against the Covid-19 virus by the disinfection units of the Italian contingent before the beginning of the school year.

The particular chessboards donated are made in such a way that each square (white or black square) has a different depth, with a hole in the center that allows the wooden pieces to be inserted and to remain stable when touched; moreover, each piece has a tip on the top that allows easy identification.

On the occasion of the donation, the head teacher Xhavit Kastrati thanked the Italian contingent, stating that these tools will be useful for improving the aggregative capacity of students with visual field deficits.

The second civil-military cooperation saw the temporary and free transfer of a housing module to the Donja Gusterica Health Center.

This request, received through the military chaplain Don Fausto by the Orthodox monks of Dekani and approved by colonel Andrea Bertazzo, commander of the Regional Command West, made it possible for the medical director of the hospital, dr. Miladenovic, to welcome citizens potentially affected by Covid-19, for the preliminary triage in order to keep them separate from the remaining patients, in order to limit the spread of the virus.

The execution of these activities are carried out in order to increase the ability to provide essential services for the entire population with a criterion of equity and balance between all the ethnic groups present in the area in the operating theater.

Based on these principles, the Italian military in Kosovo, in addition to working daily to monitor the area of ​​responsibility to guarantee safety and freedom of movement, helps to support the growth of local realities.