KFOR: the Italian contingent donates medical and photovoltaic equipment

(To Greater Defense)

The Italian contingent in Kosovo, employed in the NATO “Joint Enterprise” mission, in the second ten days of November carried out two important Civil - Military cooperation projects in the medical and government sector in favor of the population of southern Kosovo.

The projects were carried out by the Italian Unit of the KFOR Regional Command West (RC-W) which saw i Yellow Devils of the 185th artillery regiment actual paratroopers to the brigade thunderbolt of the Italian Army to make donations to the mountain municipality of Dragas / Dragash.

The first project involved the construction of a photovoltaic system for the supply of electricity to the municipal building of the Municipality. This donation aims to increase the ability to provide essential services for the entire population and at the same time make the environment less polluted by exploiting renewable energy. The mayor of Dragas / Dragash, Mr. Shaban Shabani and the commander of KFOR Regional Command West (RC-W) Colonel Andrea Bertazzo. During the ceremony, the mayor expressed words of gratitude towards the Italian contingent, clarifying that the new sustainable system of electricity production will allow more public funds to be allocated to other activities, thanks to the energy savings that the photovoltaic system will guarantee in the future.

The second civil-military cooperation activity involved the delivery of medical equipment to the municipal hospital. On this occasion, 2 defibrillators, 2 monitors for the control of vital parameters and 2 oxygen concentrators were donated. Such equipment will ensure better health care for the inhabitants of Dragas / Dragash. On that occasion, the director of the hospital delivered a certificate of recognition to Colonel Bertazzo in the presence of the health personnel for the important collaboration with the Italian contingent.

The Italian contingent of the KFOR mission, with the completion of its civil-military cooperation projects, will continue to ensure the fulfillment of the mission's task according to the dictates of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 of 1999, in order to guarantee a safe and secure environment for all communities living in Kosovo.