KFOR: Italian contingent makes donations of public utility

(To Greater Defense)

The Italian contingent engaged in the mission in Kosovo called Joint Enterprise, in the last ten days of October, it completed the implementation of two civil-military cooperation projects in favor of Kosovar municipalities.

The CIMIC (Civil Military Co-operation) function is one of the fundamental activities in the KFOR mission of our contingent and is aimed at facilitating coordination and cooperation between the military component and civil organizations present in the Italian area of ​​responsibility of the Regional Command West (RC-W). These are interventions and projects aimed at supporting the education sectors and public utility services for the people of Kosovo.

The donations were made by the Italian unit of the multinational command of the KFOR mission commanded by Colonel Andrea Bertazzo who sees the Army paratroopers active in the brigade more engaged thunderbolt with Yellow Devils of the 185th Parachute Artillery Regiment and the Logistics Regiment thunderbolt.

The first donation, made to the municipality of Prizren, saw the delivery to the Ymer Prizreni agro-food professional school a large-capacity professional kitchen with attached wall and electrical construction for the compliance and efficiency of all equipment. Specifically, tower ovens, worktops for foodstuffs, high capacity planetary machines, hobs, cutting boards, industrial slicers and professional tableware were donated; all precious materials that students will use with their respective teachers for their practical lessons. In addition to the RC-W commander, the head teacher of the professional institute Dr. Myvedete Gavazaj and the Councilor for Education of the Municipality of Prizren Dr. Xhemile Thaci Vezgishi attended the donation. On the occasion of the inauguration, the head teacher publicly thanked the Italian contingent for the construction of this new laboratory, which will give her students an opportunity to put into practice all the theoretical notions acquired in the classroom.

The second donation made to the Velika Hoca Village saw the completion of the renovation of the roof and the gutters of the recreation room and youth social gathering room of the village with the installation of a photovoltaic system that will supply electricity to the village. same structure. These works will be fundamental for the use of the premises by the young people of the village which will henceforth be used as a meeting point. At the inauguration, the village chief Mr. Miroslav Lukic thanked KFOR and in particular the Italian contingent, for having helped him in this important project that will give the young children of the village the opportunity to meet in safe and modern places.