KFOR: San Marco fusiliers company leaves for Kosovo

(To Greater Defense)

Today the 3rd An-Nasiriyah Company of the 2nd Assault Battalion Venezia - 1st regiment Saint Mark - will leave for Kosovo, almost twenty years after the last deployment of the Saint Mark  in the area.

The company will take part in the KFOR operation - Joint Enterprise, in which 28 NATO countries and partner, with an overall commitment of approximately 3.800 men and women.

Navy riflemen will be employed, under the leadership of the regiment Piedmont Cavalry (2 °) of the Italian Army, patrolling the area of ​​operation, together with other allied forces and local law enforcement, to defend and protect the Village Campo Italia at the locality of Belo Polje, in defense and protection activities of the monastery of Visoki Dečani and in ensuring a Quick Reaction Force in the operation area.