KFOR: change in command of the ISR Multinational Battalion

(To Greater Defense)

Yesterday morning, April 26, at Camp FILM CITY in Kosovo, the alternation ceremony for the commander of theintelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance multinational battalion (ISR MNBN) of the NATO KFOR mission.

Lieutenant Colonel Giovanni Amoroso, active in Italy in the 13th HUMINT regiment, leaves the command of the unit after about 5 months during which the ISR MNBN has provided the KFOR commander and his staff with an information framework that is always updated and precise , in particular during some delicate moments of the Kosovo stabilization process, contributing to the maintenance of freedom of movement and a safe and secure environment, which is the main mission of KFOR.

Lieutenant Colonel Fabrizio Naso, effective in the 33rd EW regiment, will now take command of the unit ensuring the continuity of the many activities that see ISN MNBN daily engaged in the complex Kosovar operational context.

The two regiments mentioned above are framed in the tactical information brigade (BIT) of the Army, which provides the specialized personnel who cover the main positions within the ISR battalion.

The ceremony was presided over by the commander of KFOR, Major General Ferenc Kajàri, who thanked the relinquishing commander and all the soldiers of the ISR MNBN for the continuous and effective efforts made during the entire mandate.

In 'intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance multinational battalion, established in 2016, elite units of the armies of 9 different nations are integrated, which are responsible for collecting information useful for identifying possible threats to the security of KFOR personnel and supporting the decision-making actions of the commanders.