Iraq: handover between the Danish and Italian contingents

(To Greater Defense)

The alternation ceremony between the Danish and Italian detachment commander of the Task Group took place at the Ayn al Asad air base Griffon designated to provide helicopter support to NATO Mission Iraq.

The Airmobile Task Group “Griffon”, equipped with UH-90As, is the Italian helicopter unit made available to the global anti-Daesh coalition.

The "Griffon" ATG is framed in theItalian National Contingent Land stationed in Erbil, led by Colonel Piercarlo Miglio, who will also supply a Detachments in support of the NATO Mission Iraq whose leadership will soon be entrusted to Italy.

At the ceremony presided over by the commander of the detachment Danish, liutenant colonel Bjørn Boesen, a representation of Italian and Danish military members of the global coalition participated in the operation Inherent Resolve.

The l.col. Boesen, during his speech, after having extended to all present the greetings of the commander of the NATO Mission Iraq, liutenant general Michael Anker Lollesgaard, thanked the representatives of the coalition for the support received during the mandate and congratulated his men for the excellent work done. Before concluding, the Danish commander welcomed the new commander of the detachment Italian, captain Dino Valmori and expressed a big good luck for the challenges he is preparing to face in the service of the NATO Mission Iraq, wishing him to achieve ever greater successes.

The transfer of authority between the two represented nations was formally sanctioned with the background music of the NATO anthem and the signing between the transferring and incoming commander of the document of the transfer of responsibility.