Iraq: the commitment of CBRN specialist assets

(To Greater Defense)

98 years after that 1 July 1923 when the Military Chemical Service was established, the modern CBRN assets - specialized in the defense against threats from weapons and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents - continue to perform their important service in support of the Forces. Armies and the population both in Italy and in international missions.

In the mission to Iraq as part of the operation First Parthica the delicate task of operating in the field of detection and remediation of any contaminants is expressed by the highly specialized personnel of the 7th CBRN defense regiment "Cremona," the Italian Army unit stationed in Civitavecchia (Rome).

From this point of view, the specialist unit expresses its peculiar ability to guarantee the protection of the Italian contingent deployed in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, from the point of view of CBRN defense.

In addition, the department can carry out those activities of identification, identification, monitoring and decontamination, also providing for the delimitation, containment and elimination of the CBRN threat.

Taking advantage of the use of the most modern and sophisticated tools and suitable equipment, the result of a development and updating process, particular attention is paid to the detection activity on all incoming materials but especially on packages and goods destined to return to the Motherland.