Iraq: joint exercise between aerial components

(To air Force)

As part of the mission in Iraq, the initial planning conference was held yesterday at the conference hall of Hawk Base, headquarters of the Iraqi Air Force General Staff, to define the general planning criteria for the first joint Iraqi exercise. Air Force and the Iraqi Air Defense.

In this context, the Italian personnel of the Air-ITA Task Force, included in the anti-Daesh Coalition, were asked to support all the phases of the exercise, from the identification of the training objectives, to the development of the scenario and then continue with the tasking, planning and execution phases up to the assessment phase. The latter will be fundamental as it will serve as a starting point for the subsequent doctrinal work, for procedural optimization and for the integration of the capabilities of the two commands.

This important assignment was the excellent advising activity carried out by the military of the Air-ITA Task Force. The staff of the Italian Air Force is included in the 370 ° Air Expeditionary Advisory Group with highly professional and experienced Officers and NCOs in the various aeronautical sectors that collaborate with the Coalition covering various positions and positions.

The exercise, which the Iraqi staff has been working on for about a year, aims to test Iraqi Air Enterprise's integrated air defense capability in a context that sees the joint participation of aerotactic air assets, air surveillance systems, missile defense systems and command and control systems.

The joint training activity, in particular, aims to promote coordination, cooperation and standardization between the two aerial components during complex operations such as Combined Air Operations. In this perspective, the event is extremely important, as it represents an important opportunity to enhance the interoperability between Iiraqi Air Defense and Iiraqi Air Force, between air defense systems, such as the Avenger System and Pansir, and fighter aircraft F-16, SU-25, ISR King Air and Rc-208, and to develop and consolidate the growth and comparison between the various units involved.