Iraq: change in command of IT NCC Land

(To Greater Defense)

On the morning of last Friday 18 February, at Camp Singapore, the Italian base of Erbil in Iraqi Iraq, the ceremony for the change of command of theitalian national contingent command - land in the operation First Parthica. Colonel Piercarlo Miglio took over from Colonel Domenico Di Biase. 

The event, chaired by the chief of staff of the Joint Forces Operations Command Division Admiral Valter Zappellini, was attended by the Italian ambassador to Iraq Maurizio Greganti and the consuls in Erbil, the Italian Michele Camerota and the American Robert Palladino .  

After eight months at the helm of the Italian contingent, Colonel Di Biase's emotion was great, who in his farewell speech addressed the deployed personnel saying: “I am proud and proud of you, you have been soldiers of great depth, capable, competent, courageous and loyal, you have shown on every occasion that you are up to the situation and that I have had the honor and privilege of commanding. Together, in these rich and intense months, we have overcome the difficulties every day by bringing up the name of Italy in the coalition involved in the Inherent Resolve operation. A heartfelt thanks also goes to our families who have always known how to be close to us in this period away from the dearest loved ones ".

Division Admiral Valter Zappellini, after warmly thanking Colonel Di Biase for the work done, wished Colonel Miglio the best of luck for the post he has just taken on and also addressed a thought of gratitude to the IT staff NCC for all the important objectives achieved, the result of the hard work of a team of professionals, animated by an inexhaustible passion, which makes IT NCC Land a leading component in the Italian operation in support of the international anti-Daesh coalition.

At the end of the ceremony, Ambassador Greganti underlined the delicacy of the work carried out by the Italian military in Iraq in compliance with the international mandate, necessary to support the security forces in the fight against Isis and in respect of autonomy and territorial integrity. of Iraq.

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