Meeting between Minister Mauro and the Slovenian political leaders in Augsburg


The Minister of Defense, Mario Mauro, met yesterday at the headquarters of COMFORPAT in Augusta for a bilateral meeting the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Alenka BRATUSEK, on ​​a visit to the contingent of the Slovenian Armed Forces employed in the humanitarian mission "Mare Nostrum".

The TRIGLAV 11 patrol of the Slovenian Navy arrived in the port of Augusta last December 15 to integrate itself into the "Mare Nostrum" air-seagoing device activated to increase the level of safety of human life and to contribute to the control of migratory flows by sea.

The Republic of Slovenia, in addition to the 40 military crew, has also sent a liaison team to the headquarters of the Command for the patrolling forces for the Surveillance and the Coastal Defense of Augusta.

The activities foreseen in the meeting program of Minister Mario Mauro, accompanied by the Chief of Staff of the Navy, Ammiraglio De Giorgi, with the Slovenian Prime Minister, accompanied by the Slovenian Defense Minister, Roman Jakie, visited the reception center for immigrants to the Umberto Primo district of Syracuse.

On the Mare Nostrum operation, Defense Minister Mario Mauro declared: "Operation Mare Nostrum responds to a huge problem that indicates Italy far from being able to escape from its responsibilities, the responsibilities if it assumes them in its entirety. We thank Slovenia for the support it has given us in this operation to underline the political value of their intervention. We also say that, if we want to avoid new deaths at sea, Europe must put very concretely - adds Mauro - the problem of what is behind Mare Nostrum, that is to say that it is not only an illegal immigration problem, not only a problem of refugees, but more generally the problem of security in the southern part of the Mediterranean ".

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