Opened bridge in Central Africa


The metal bridge of 24 meters built yesterday by the Italian military genius of the European EUFOR RCA mission to bring together three areas of the Central African capital divided by the collapse in 2010 - of the structure that exceeded a large water channel, never restored due to the conflict civil.

The 'Sewa' bridge - 'unity' in the local language - represents a European initiative in support of security, economic development and inter-confessional reconciliation between the different communities of Bangui.

Many European Union countries took part in the project: the Czech Republic provided the modular metal structure of Polish manufacture, subsequently transported by Sweden and finally assembled by the Italian Army, under the supervision of German and Czech technicians.

Composed of over 1000 elements, within two days the modular bridge was built and pushed by hand between the two sides of the canal by the men of the 2 ° Genius Regiment of the "Julia" Brigade stationed in Trento.

The initiative carried out by the EUFOR RCA mission is part of the European projects to support the population in cooperation with the Central African authorities. In particular, the metal bridge built by Italian engineers has temporarily anticipated the permanent bridge under construction in the same area thanks to funding from the European Union, which is the first partner for the development of the Central African Republic.

The ribbon was cut by General Philippe Pontiès - EUFOR RCA operative commander - and by the President of the Central African Republic Catherine Samba Panza, in the presence of the highest Central African authorities and representatives of the international community, including the ambassador at the head of the EU Delegation Jean-Pierre Reymondet and the Honorary Consul of Italy in Bangui Stefano Giuliani.

In the speech before the inauguration, the French high official, after having evoked the spirit that animates the European operation, based on "openness, dialogue, mutual respect to facilitate the return of stability and security for all in the of neighborhoods strongly marked by the clashes of December 2013 ", underlined the exemplary cooperation among European nations, citing among other things the fundamental role of the Italian genius in the assembly of the structure.

13 are the European nations that make up the military force of the European Union in the Central African Republic, composed of about 700 elements operating in the capital Bangui, but the financial and logistic support of the mission involves all the 28 countries of the European Union. Italy has been contributing to the EUFOR mission since last August with a unit of genius currently constituted by the alpine geniuses of the 2 ° Regiment of Trento that have brought to December the colleagues of the XNXX ° Genio parachutists of the Folgore stationed in Legnago ( Verona).