The vicar general of the Military Ordinariate for Italy in Lebanon

(To Army Majority State)

The vicar general of the Military Ordinariate for Italy, Monsignor Angelo Frigerio, accompanied by the chaplain Don Pasquale Madeo, has recently arrived in Lebanon, for a pastoral visit to the Italian soldiers engaged in the UNIFIL Mission.

Accepted on arrival by Brigadier General Bruno Pisciotta, commander of the National Contingent in Lebanon, the high prelate was updated on the activities conducted so far by the Italians, with particular attention to those carried out in the field of solidarity and support to the population local.

Mons. Frigerio had the opportunity to speak to the troops deployed in front of him, complimenting himself on how the brigade's soldiers Aosta have been able to enter the hearts and minds of the people of South Lebanon, with great naturalness and passion, conducting a mission out of the bases involving the population and for the results achieved so far, spurring the women and men on a mission to peace to grasp, from the difficulties of being away from home and from one's loved ones, a new charge to give the best of oneself.

"Faith in these moments of mission abroad, of you men and women with stars - said the monsignor - it becomes even more a precious gift for yourselves and for others, living this gift as a testimony of a life focused on dedication and professionalism, to become builders of peace, even in the crude realities of life and the world today ".

During the visit, Msgr. Frigerio, assisted by the chaplain of the Contingent don Paolo Solidoro, celebrated a solemn Mass, during which the Sacrament of Holy Confirmation was conferred on 20 soldiers, hoping and wishing that "You military men of peace and for peace, be here in Lebanon bear serenity in minds. You must continue to promote a strong desire for peace, to develop people who, animated by faith or by different faith and creed, fight against every form of arrogance and injustice. This becomes the true sense of honor for each of you. This is the true meaning of individuals and nations ".

In the two days he spent in the Land of the Cedars, the vicar met in Naqoura the staff of ITALAIR, the Italian helicopter component deployed by 40 years in these places, and had an interview with the divisional general Stefano Del Col, commander of the UNIFIL Mission , which continues the positive Italian leadership affirmed in recent years in Lebanon, which sees, under the aegis of the United Nations, about military 10.500 and civil 800, coming from 44 countries, which on mandate of the Security Council 1701 resolution they monitor the cessation of hostilities between Israel and Lebanon, assist the Lebanese Armed Forces and support the local population.