The NATO Secretary General visits the Kosovo Force


The commander of the Kosovo Force (KFOR), division general Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, together with the commander of the Joint Force Command of Naples (JFCN) admiral Mark Ferguson III, the secretary general of the Atlantic Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg at the base of " Film City ”, headquarters of the NATO Command in Pristina.

The highest NATO summit was updated on the current socio-political situation in the region and on the key role of KFOR in ensuring the maintenance of freedom of movement and the necessary security conditions.

Stoltenberg then addressed a greeting address to the multinational contingent, recalling how the Balkan area revisitstoday strategic importance in the entire international arena.

The general secretary expressed great appreciation for the excellent work of the military which he described as decisive, together with that of international organizations, for the general growth of the country, stating: "Under the mandate of the United Nations, our mission has helped transform the region in a safe place, favoring the stability of the entire Balkan area. KFOR will also continue to guarantee freedom and security in Kosovo in the future ".

During the meeting with representatives of the international community operating in the area, the NATO Secretary General reiterated the importance of mutual cooperation among all the actors present, in order to develop the maximum synergy of intent with the local institutions and to define decisive intervention policies for the growth of Kosovo.

The secretary then met the President of Kosovo Atifete Jahjaga, Prime Minister Isa Mustafa and Kosovo Security Force Minister (KSF) Haki Demolli.

During the meeting, Stoltenberg confirmed NATO's commitment in the Balkans area also for the future, promoting progress and dialogue as a solution for the complete stabilization of the area.

The NATO multinational force in Kosovo, led by General Figliuolo, has about 5000 men and women of 31 Countries and is based on recent independent surveys carried out on a significant sample of Kosovo population belonging to all ethnic groups, the international organization perceived which is more reliable.

Source: HQ KFOR Film City, Maj. Salvatore Verde