The NATO JFC in Shindad


On Monday 13 January, General Hans-Lothar Domröse visited the Italian Air Advisory Team (AAT) of the Air Force that operates on the Afghan air base in Shindand.

Colonnello Mignogna, Commander of the Team, illustrated during a briefing the activities that are carried out for the establishment of a professional, autonomous and sustainable Afghan Air Force. The Italian soldiers operate within the NATO Air Training Command - Afghanistan (NATC-A) mission with a team of advisors, made up of 35 military personnel, among officers, non-commissioned officers and for the first time rankings of troops, who make available Afghan colleagues their own experience, in every field of activity of a Wing. 

At the end of the visit, General Domröse said he was impressed by the variety of specializations that are the subject of advising and which cover every aspect of the life of a Flock and by the objective difficulties in achieving this goal. The General then expressed his deep appreciation to all staff for the important work that is carried out every day in order to allow the Afghan Armed Forces to continue their mission autonomously.

The Italian Air Advisory Team is a unit of the Italian Air Force which, since 2 Novembre 2010, operates within the framework of NATO Air Training Command - Afghanistan (NATC-A). In particular, the Air Force team operates at the Shindand Air Base in Afghanistan, within the 838th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group (AEAG) of the US Air Force which, together with the similar groups located in Kabul and Kandahar, constitutes the structure operational of the NATC-A Command. The advisors of the Air Force, together with the American and Hungarian partners present at Shindand, have the task of developing and consolidating the local Afghan leadership to independently manage the Shindand Air Wing (SAW), or the Afghan Air Force (AAF) unit designated as the leading training pole of the entire Afghan aeronautics. Specifically, the Italian staff, coming from different Departments of the Italian Air Force, carries out advising activities aimed at developing autonomous management skills and technical-professional skills in all the typical sectors of a flight wing or a training unit: operations air, logistics, administrative and financial management, infrastructure management, weather forecasting, firefighting, force protection, maintenance, food service, billeting and medical clinic.



Source: Regional Command West - Herata (Afghanistan) - Lt. Ubaldo Fiorillo