General Risi is the new commander of the NATO mission in Kosovo

(To Army Majority State)

Army Division General Michele Risi has become the eleventh Italian commander of NATO's Kosovo Force, replacing Lorenzo D'Addario, who has reached the end of his annual mandate.

The changeover ceremony took place in the presence of Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini, the Chief of Defense, General Enzo Vecciarelli and the commander of the Allied Joint Force Command of Naples, Admiral James G. Foggo III, as well as numerous authorities civil, military, religious and diplomatic.

In his farewell address, General D'Addario emphasized how the collaboration between KFOR, the International Community, the institutions in Kosovo and the neighboring countries, has led to a huge change, characterized by two decades of peace and stability. A commitment that gives rise to the motto "United in Commitment" which accompanied his entire mandate as commander of the NATO mission, in which 3.500 units from 20 countries of the Atlantic Alliance and 8 partner nations are engaged, with the Italy second contributor with military 600.

General D'Addario also retraced the highlights of his command period, including the rationalization from an operational point of view of the forces in the field, with the establishment of two Regional Commands, West and East, the first of which with Italian leadership based in Pec / Peja. Thanking the men and women who served the mission, he highlighted the role of their families, whose daily support allows the military to operate peacefully and effectively.

Previously, Admiral Foggo highlighted the great work done by the outgoing commander in promoting dialogue between the parties, in collaboration with national and international actors. In his inaugural address, General Risi expressed his intention to continue the work of KFOR in the name of stability, to contribute to the progress and prosperity of a region of strategic importance for the Euro-Atlantic area.