The French Defense CSM visits the UNIFIL mission


(Naqoura, Lebanon) - The French Chief of Defense Staff, Admiral Edouard Guillaud, arrived in southern Lebanon yesterday on an official visit to the UNIFIL mission.

General of Division Paolo Serra, Head of Mission and Commander of the UN Force in South Lebanon, welcomed Admiral Guillaud at UNIFIL Headquarters (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon).

During the meeting, Genereale Serra illustrated the ongoing activities related to the mandate of the UN Security Council's 1701 resolution, providing an update of the operational framework.

In particular, the Force Commander has given particular emphasis to the strategic value of the tripartite meeting, the only instrument of dialogue between Israel and Lebanon, which allows the start of a process of "confidence building" between the parties.

During the meeting Admiral Guillaud expressed words of appreciation for the meritorious work carried out by the civil and military personnel of the UNIFIL mission in the context of the delicate historical moment, highlighting the high profile of the mission.

UNIFIL, at the moment, is made up of about 12000 soldiers from 38 nations and 1000 civilian employees, of which 700 are local and 300 international. The data provided also includes the naval component with 7 ships and 1000 sailors, making up the Maritime Task Force operating along the Lebanese coast, and the Aviation Unit, consisting of 6 helicopters. France is one of the main contributing countries of the UNIFIL mission with about 900 peacekeepers.

Source: UNIFIL - MPIO Maj. Antonio Bernardo