The head of the COVI operational support department assists the NATO exercise led by KFOR's regional command West


In recent days, at the “Villaggio Italia” Camp, the commander of the regional command West (RC-W), Colonel Francesco Ferrara, welcomed the general of division Domenico Ciotti, head of the operational support department of the Joint Forces Operational Command (COVI), who saluted the war flag of the 1st Bersaglieri Regiment and signed the 'Roll of Honour.

During the visit, Major General Ciotti attended the NATO-KFOR exercise called "Golden Sabre", conducted by regional command West. The three responders, i.e. the actors responsible for maintaining and controlling security and freedom of movement in Kosovo, participated in the activity. In particular, the Kosovo Police (first responder), TheEuropean Union Rule of Law - Eulex as (Second Responder) and the Kosovo Force - KFOR (third responders).

On the ground, also units with anti-riot equipment, including Carabinieri units included in the multinational specialized unit (MSU), centrally coordinated by regional command West, Italian-led, with the maneuvering units of Eulex and KP.

At the end of the exercise, General Ciotti greeted the national contingent and wanted to thank the Italian soldiers for their work, underlining the importance of the activities that the KFOR mission carries out in supporting the communities living in Kosovo.

The visit then continued with an inspection of the bridge built in Decane in 2015 by the 6th pioneer engineering regiment, concluding at the monastery of the same municipality.

The Italian contingent of Kosovo Force (KFOR), in line with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 of 1999, contributes to the maintenance of a safe and secure environment, as well as freedom of movement for all communities living in Kosovo, simultaneously promoting beneficial activities under the direction of the top joint operational command.