Italian blue helmets promote dialogue between Italian and Lebanese students


The men and women of the Italian Military Contingent in Lebanon have made possible a videoconference that brought together students of Naqoura with students from Salerno.

The videoconference organized by the staff of the Regiment "Cavalleggeri Guide" of Salerno under the command of Colonel Angelo Malizia took part in the Salerno students of the "Matteo Mari" primary school, the "Poseidonia" secondary school and the "Severi" scientific high school. Lebanese students from the middle and elementary school of Naquora.

During the liaison, the students dealt with topics on social, historical, cultural and tourism topics. Furthermore, they discussed what it means to be young in the current socio-economic situation and in particular about what they expect from their respective countries.

At the end of the activity, the mayor of Naqoura expressed his gratitude and his appreciation for the initiative of the Italian blue helmets on the basis of the "Pinerolo" Brigade, commanded by Brigadier General Stefano Del Col, for offering a unique opportunity of intercultural comparison between young students.

Assistance to the local population is one of the tasks assigned to the UNIFIL contingent by the UN 1701 Resolution, together with monitoring of the cessation of hostilities and support for the Lebanese armed forces, tasks that the Italian military is carrying out with professionalism, transparency and impartiality.

Source: UNIFIL