The blue helmets train the Lebanese armed forces


In the last few days, after two weeks, an intense phase of joint training of the Italian Blue Helmets with the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and with other contingents operating in the Sector West has ended.

In the first week, at the "Millevoi" base in Shama, seat of the Lebanon Joint Task Force on the "Granatieri di Sardegna" Brigade base, the activities carried out included theoretical and practical refresher courses on procedures and techniques for radio communications. , through the use of vehicles and radio equipment supplied to the Italian Army.

In the second week, a course called "Combat Medical Care" was held, in which, in addition to the LAF, other Western Sector contingents such as Finland, Ghana and Ireland took part. The aim of the activity was to increase the first aid capacity of the participating personnel, both in a safe environment (cardiopulmonary arrest in public places, traffic accident trauma, trauma during sports activities, etc.) and in critical and risk conditions. in a hostile environment (fire conflict, explosion of bombs, etc.).

During the course, theoretical / practical activities were carried out relating to: cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers, treatment of injured people in operation (Tactical Combat Casualties Care - TCCC) and notions of first aid treatment (even in the absence of adequate facilities and health facilities).

The activities carried out have shown that the integration of the LAF within UNIFIL is a necessary condition for the units on the ground to operate in full synergy, ensuring greater safety and rapid decision-making. "

Source: Italian contingent in Lebanon