Herat inaugurated the Forensic Lab


A new forensic investigation laboratory has been inaugurated in Herat. At the ceremony attended by the commander of the Train Advise Assist Command West (TAAC-W), Brigadier General Maurizio Angelo Scardino, the major civil and military authorities of the western region of Afghanistan took part.

The laboratory employed by the Ministry of the Interior will serve the Afghan National Police for the investigation of evidence on the bodies of crime through the analysis of the elements found at the crime scene.

The new structure, where 14 currently works with qualified Afghan operators, has been equipped with sophisticated state-of-the-art equipment and is subdivided, mainly, into three sections. In the first one can carry out checks and verifications for the verification of fingerprints through fingerprints. The second section is dedicated to the study of ballistics on ammunition used during a crime and found on the site of the event. The third section is intended for a laboratory of chemical-scientific analysis on biological, organic and inorganic traces, which can provide important elements and evaluations to follow up the investigations and their resolution.

The Forensic Lab of Herat, in addition to representing indispensable technical support in the increase of scientific activity for the development of the investigations, will allow the reduction of the timing for the responses of the analyzes, until now carried out solely by the laboratory of Kabul, thus giving police forces that can count on two poles of excellence.

General Scardino said during his speech that "the fight against crime and terrorism of every matrix needs ever more effective instruments, and the new Laboratory is a decisive support in an integrated system to combat the enemies of Afghanistan" . The activity of the laboratory will also be increased by the courses carried out by the Police Advisor Team staff, which will continue to take place, in favor of the staff of the PNA.

Source: Resolute Support mission