Gulf of Oman: joint exercises between the Navy and the Omani Navy

(To Marina Militare)

Today an exercise was held between a unit of the Italian Navy, the offshore patrol vessel Thaon of Revel and a unit of the Royal Navy of Oman (RON), the Khassab patrol vessel, off the Omani coast.

During the training event, joint operations were conducted using both the vehicles embarked on the two units and the Italian SH-90 helicopter. The ships performed close kinematic maneuvers and radio and optical communications exercises. The activity was also exploited in favor of the young officers on board, offering, moreover, the possibility of carrying out an exchange of personnel (4 members for each crew) during the exercise in order to maximize the involvement in terms of interoperability at sea.

An activity implemented as a result of the exchange of bilateral institutional visits carried out during the recent stop in Muscat by the Italian patrol vessel, in the role of Flagship di European-led Maritime Awareness in the Strait of Hormuz (EMASoH) operating under the auspices of the AGENOR operation.

The long period of commitment outside the Nave area Thaon of Revel, which began last August 12 with the participation in the various operations in the area, up to touching the area of ​​the Arabian Sea and the Gulf, represents an extremely favorable opportunity for the consolidation of relations with the Navies of the region, in the broadest spectrum of activity of confidence building e naval diplomacy traditionally carried out by the Navy in the wider Mediterranean area.