Djibouti: humanitarian activity in favor of the town of Ali Sabieh


As part of the activities that the Italian contingent is carrying out in Djibouti for the construction of an Italian base for interforce logistic support, a humanitarian activity was carried out last weekend in favor of the inhabitants of the nearby inhabited Ali Sabieh.

In particular, 750 kg of powdered milk, rice, cereals and water were donated to the children of the medical visit village and donated to the Consolata Mission and to the school of S. Luis, coordinated by the Bishop of Djibouti, SE Mons. Giorgio Bertin.

The national military support base, inaugurated last February 13 by the commander of the COI, gen. ca Marco Bertolini, and commanded by col. Stefano Antonicelli, has completed humanitarian activities in favor of the "Italian" hospital in Balbala, the Djibouti Bishopric, the Muslim orphanage in Djibouti and the village of Duda.

Source: SMD