Forward Land Forces Hungary: Brave Warrior 24.1 exercise completed

(To Army Majority State)

After fifteen days of intense training activities, the complex exercise called "Brave Warrior 24.1" which saw the use of NATO contingents from Italy, Hungary, the United States of America and Croatia which together deployed more than 1.000 men and women women and about 300 combat vehicles.

The activity, which in the first week developed through live exercises (Live Fire Exercise – LFX), allowed the use of all the Italian units of the forward land forces battlegroup, which includes the Italian soldiers of the "Aosta" brigade, from the rifle platoons with the "Lince" light multi-role tactical vehicles (VTLM) to the "Centauro" armored cavalry units, the anti-tank teams equipped with the long-range "Spike" missile system radius together with the 60mm and 120mm “Thomson” light and heavy mortars.

To guarantee the combat support function, the artillery deployed FH70 howitzers, while the Engineer units, through the creation of gaps, ensured mobility. The aerial fire was instead handled by the team joint terminal attack controller (JTAC).

In the second week, a field exercise was developed (Field training exercise – FTX) particularly challenging, realistic and synergistic thanks to the use of the laser simulation system Multiple integrated laser engagement system (MILES) which saw the soldiers of the NATO contingents compete in a 72-hour continuous activity. Specifically, tactical activities were conducted during which the ability to slow down and block an enemy offensive action was exercised.

​​​With the Brave Warrior, the battlegroup has reached full operational capability (Full Operational Capability – FOC) sanctioned by the team of NATO analysts present at the exercise precisely to evaluate combat readiness (combat readiness assessment – CREVAL) of the unit.