EUTM Mali: Italian soldiers have completed the TACP Basic Course training course

(To Greater Defense)

The Italian soldiers employed in the EUTM (European Union Training Mission) Operation in Mali, constituting the Tactical Air Control Party Training Team (TACP-TT), they completed the TACP after 7 weeks Basic course intended for the training of new Malian operators in charge of managing the assets in the third dimension.

The course, which began on March 22, 2022 and ended on May 6, 2022, was held at the Koulikoro Training Center (a base in southern Mali), and featured an officer (JTAC qualified) and a graduate (JTAC qualified). I), effective respectively in the 5th “Aosta” infantry regiment and the 3rd Alpine regiment of the Italian Army.

Eight soldiers from the Malian Armed Forces faced the difficult training in order to achieve the GATA (Guider Aerienne Tactique Avance) qualification.

The training modules covered in the 7 weeks were many, starting from those concerning basic infantry training and advanced topography, up to the point of dedicating themselves to specialized subjects concerning the management of the third dimension. During the course of the activity, following the numerous proposals made in close collaboration with the Malian staff, the instructors have constantly adapted the program of the course taking into account the changing needs of the operational departments on the ground.

In this way, a final product was thus reached, perfectly suited to the real needs of the Malian operational units engaged in the tough fight against the terrorist groups present in the country.

Particular attention was paid to practical activities, carried out in close collaboration with the Malian Air Force, which made available its TETRAS aircraft (reconnaissance propeller aircraft) with about 23 flight hours to be able to realistically simulate CAS operations. (Close Air Support) and rotary wing assets that have significantly contributed to implement MEDEVAC (Medical Evacuation) capability.

Each frequenter found himself managing the aid of the air component in the most disparate situations such as escorting convoys, support for the movement of troops on the ground, reconnaissance tasks and request for support fire in conditions of Troops in contact (TIC).

Confirming the excellent work done by the TACP Training Team, on the occasion of the closing ceremony of the course, the expressions of appreciation to praise the exceptional level reached by the new GATAs and above all the preparation of the Italian instructor staff, were varied, especially by the representatives of the Malian staff.

Italy has participated in the EUTM Mali mission since 2013, with a core of instructors from the Armed Forces, who are involved in the training of local units.