Estonia: Flight Safety Day for Task Force Air

(To Greater Defense)

On November 19th, the 1st Flight Safety Day 2021, in conjunction with a Crew Resource Management (CRM) recurrent course, which saw the participation of all the crew and, due to the limitations imposed by the health emergency from Covid-19, a small number of key elements.

After a brief greeting from the commander, Colonel Fabio De Luca, the flight safety officer presented a general briefing that covered various issues such as flight safety guidelines for the Air Force 2021/22, the statistics flight inconveniences both of the Task Force Air Estonia that of the operational departments and adverse meteorological phenomena.

The day continued with a CRM recurrent course, always held by the flight safety officer, also qualified by CRM-instructor. The topics presented include the doctrine of CRM, the barycentric model and the analysis of a flight problem with the new CRM model.

In his speech at the end of the activity, Colonel De Luca underlined the role of flight safety as a fundamental tool for the Air Force, critical for achieving operational effectiveness.

Considering that error is by definition inevitable and inherent in the human being, the commander reiterated the need to share and disseminate the principles of Just Culture, rewarding practices and attitudes that ensure the culture of reporting through an effective and concrete use of CRM.