Joint exercises for the Italian contingent in Hungary

(To Greater Defense)

​The training of the Italian contingent continues at full speed, based on the "Julia" Alpine brigade, deployed in Hungary as part of the "eVA" (Enhanced Vigilance Activity) operation which, together with Croatian, US and Hungarian personnel, performs the function of deterrence on the southeast flank of the Atlantic Alliance.

A combination of exercises, dedicated to the development and conduct of specialty activities for each component of the Italian contingent, concluded with excellent results, in view of the next commitments that will bring the battle group to obtain the FOC (Full Operational Capability) validation by NATO.

The first tutorial named Blizzard Detonation, saw the sapper personnel of the 2nd engineer regiment of the "Julia" Alpine brigade carry out Route Clearance (RC) aimed at identifying and neutralizing IED (Improvised Explosive Device) devices along the main routes of the training area and at carrying out activities of forcing passive obstacles. The second exercise called was more complex and articulated Ardeant Ground.

The training and cooperation of all the assets responsible for guaranteeing fire support and maneuvering units represents a decisive element in the training progression which has as its goal full interoperability between all the components of the NATO countries present in the area of ​​operation.