eFP Latvia: Alpine troops train in indirect fire

(To Greater Defense)

The Italian contingent based on Alpine troops of the Italian Army, currently employed in the operation Baltic Guardian in Latvia, it is conducting an intense cycle of training activities, aimed at increasing the level of integration, interoperability and capacity for projection of forces.

Practice, using 81mm mortars Expal and from 60 mm Hirtenberger, the structures to support the maneuver even in night activities with the use of illuminating ammunition.

The activity conducted by the team was also inserted in this context Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) and the air support provided on the occasion by Spanish F-18 fighters.

The high specialization of the JTAC and of the Joint Fire Observer (JFO) and the many experiences gained in various foreign operational theaters and in Inter-force contexts, in the phase of national preparation of the forces has actively contributed to the formation of the Italian SAOV Nuclei currently employed in the field ofEnhanced Forward Presence (eFP Latvia).

The assets used are taken from the 2nd alpine regiment of the alpine brigade Taurinense.