Djibouti: contingent for the MIADIT Somalia 17 mission established

(To Greater Defense)

From the first days of September, the contingent of the Carabinieri for the MIADIT Somalia 17 mission was installed in Djibouti, at the BMIS logistic base, which aims to carry out specialized training activities in favor of the Somali Police Forces (SPF - Somali Police Force) and Djibouti.

The mission is the result of a trilateral cooperation agreement between the Italian State and the two African Republics (Somalia and Djibouti), aimed at promoting the stability and security of Somalia and the entire Horn of Africa region, both through the '' increase of the capacities in the field of security and control of the territory by the Somali Police Forces, both by continuing the ten-year collaboration with the Republic of Djibouti to provide specialized training to the Gendarmerie and the Gibutian Police.

The soldiers of the Carabinieri, at the helm of col. cc Pier Vittorio Romano, come from the various organizations of the Carabinieri and are able to express skills and competences typical of the various functional structures.

From the 2nd mobile brigade with its dependent departments: training center, Special Intervention Group, 1st "Tuscania" parachute carabinieri regiment, 7th carabinieri regiment Trentino Alto Adige, 13th Carabinieri Regiment Friuli Venezia Giulia.

There are also assets from the regiments of the 1st mobile brigade and from various commands of the territorial organization, as well as valuable specialized assets of soldiers belonging to the units of the RaCIS, (grouping of scientific investigations) and of the ROS, (special operational grouping).

There are also soldiers from the CoESPU (Center of Excellence for stability Police Units) and the dog carabinieri center in Florence.

The training will aim to provide high-level training to the Djibouti Police Forces in scientific investigations and anti-terrorism.

The first two courses will start in two days, in favor of the raid of the Djiboutian National Police, on counter-terrorism and the use of attack dogs.

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