Djibouti: The Miadit 17 carabinieri train the Gibutian National Police

(To Greater Defense)

On 11 September, training activities began in favor of n. 23 units of the Djiboutian National Police.

These activities were preceded by a series of meetings with the highest institutional representatives of the National Police and the Gibutian Gendarmerie with which the times and methods of execution were defined in detail.

At the Académie de Police "Idris Farah Abaneh", the carabinieri of the MIADIT Somalia 17 mission, coming from Special Intervention Team (GIS) and from Cinofili Center of Florence, have started two courses, the first called "Counter Terrorism", for the Special Forces of the Djiboutian Police (RAID), the second called "K9", for the canine units of the National Police, which constitute a specialty component employed by of the Special Forces.

The training of the soldiers of the Carabinieri has the purpose of forming canine units - composed of the dog / handler binomial - which, after a period of reconditioning, are able to carry out, in total autonomy and with a high level of competence, operations of police in support of both special anti-terrorism departments, and being employed in ordinary police activities to combat drug trafficking.

The main purpose of the course for the fight against international terrorism is to concretize and implement the technical - tactical and planning skills of the National Police of the Republic of Djibouti, especially in the field of Close Quarter Battle (CQB).

In general, the MIADIT Somalia 17 mission aims to organize and conduct training activities on the territory of Djibouti for men and women of the Somali Police, the Gendarmerie of the Republic of Djibouti and the Djibouti Police to provide a tangible contribution to the Authorities. of the Transitional Government of Somalia, mainly in the areas of security and control of the territory, in the broader framework of initiatives of capacity building and stabilization of Somalia and the consolidation of the Republic of Djibouti.

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