Specialization course for Lebanese officers

(To Army Majority State)

Five Lebanese officers, including a woman, belonging to the General Directorate of General Security Forces, have completed the specialization course in Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) which certifies the effective learning of military mission planning procedures.

A milestone that the Lebanese military reached at the end of a one-week cycle of theoretical-practical lessons organized in the "Millevoi" base in Shama by the Blue Helmets of the Italian contingent of UNIFIL, the United Nations Interposition Force deployed in South Lebanon .

In the chair, in the role of instructors, Italian officers expert in the intelligence and operational branch who illustrated to the students the doctrinal features on the planning process and, in particular, the steps that mark and sequence its development before the final decision.

The Italian military, gathered in a multidisciplinary working group, introduced the concept of operational cycle (planning, preparation, execution and evaluation), a process centered on the figure of the commander who, having received the mission, directs the staff and subordinate commanders on the actions to be accomplish and how to use the available resources, to then plan and transform the decision into orders.

The commander of the Italian contingent, Brigadier General Andrea Di Stasio (Italian Army) reiterated the importance of joint training with the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), useful for "To improve the level of interoperability with UN peacekeepers in view of an ever greater, effective and autonomous intervention capacity of the latter south of the Litani river, especially close to the Blue line", the dividing line that separates Lebanon from Israel.

Despite the ongoing health emergency, but still in compliance with the anti Covid measures, the training activities planned monthly by the Italian contingent with the headquarters of the South Litani Sector (SLS) continue.