Change of tactical command of Operation Safe Mediterranean

(To Marina Militare)

Tuesday 4 June took place on board the guided missile destroyer Luigi Durand de la Penne, moored in the Mar Grande Naval Station in Taranto, the changeover ceremony for the tactical command of Operation Safe Mediterranean (OMS).

Rear Admiral Alberto Tarabotto, commander of the Fourth Naval Division, handed over the tactical command of the operation to Rear Admiral Gianguido Manganaro, commander of the Mine countermeasures forces, after two months. The ceremony was presided over, via video link, by the commander in chief of the naval team, team admiral Aurelio De Carolis, with the crews of the ships Durand de la Penne e Mimbelli who took turns in the role of flagship.

Six naval vessels, the operational detachment of the air forces and the marine brigade were involved in the operations conducted in the central and eastern Mediterranean over the last two months. Saint Mark located on the island of Pantelleria, together with the units involved in the operation Safe backdrops and in Fishing Supervision, with the support of embarked organic helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft.

The operation continued to give concrete proof of Italy's presence and leadership in the Mediterranean, with an ongoing commitment to the defense of those vital national interests that are intertwined in the mare nostrum and which now more than ever must be preserved and safeguarded in due of the growing tensions that reverberate in this basin.