Bosnia: COVID-19 emergency medical support

(To Greater Defense)

As part of the EUFOR ALTHEA mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2 medical officers from the Italian Army came to Sarajevo to provide support during the COVID-19 emergency.

To welcome them at the Sarajevo airport, if the Italian ambassador in Sarajevo, dr. Nicola Minasi, the Minister of Civil Affairs, Ankica Gudeljevic, competent in health matters at the state level, together with the presence of a representation of EUFOR staff.

The officers during the 3 months of the mandate will integrate the functions of the Medical Advisor (MEDAD) of the Headquarters of EUFOR ALTHEA at Camp Butmir with the task of supporting NATO HQ Sarajevo and conducting epidemiological investigations, identifying suitable structures useful for the triage activity, as well as the quarantine and isolation facilities for personnel suspected and / or affected by COVID-19 infection.

In addition, the Italian medical staff, in close coordination with the EUFOR ALTHEA staff, will take care of preparing and integrating the plans for the optimization of the health capacities provided by the operating theater in managing the cases of infection with COVID 19, both in diagnostic and therapeutic.

To deal with the coronavirus that has affected Bosnia and Herzegovina, the 2 medical officers, albeit formally integrated into EUFOR ALTHEA, will also carry out an important and valuable liaison activity with local authorities, sharing, from the earliest stages, the main measures adopted in Italy on the health plan for the emergency management COVID-19. With this in mind, the aim is to establish a regular exchange of information to be used as the basis for any further interventions by experts from the motherland.

This complex activity has the twofold objective of making the contingent continue to operate in the maximum security framework and, at the same time, assisting local authorities with initiatives aimed at preserving the health of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, through the preventive dissemination of experiences. accumulated in Italy against COVID-19.

The activity is part of the vision of support of the Italian Military Health which was launched thanks to the synergistic action between the MAECI and the Italian Ministry of Defense through itself. Nicola Mimasi of the Embassy of Italy in Sarajevo and of the defense officer of the Embassy of Italy in Belgrade, col. Ciro Forte, as part of a series of cooperation initiatives between Italy and Bosnia and Herzegovina, finding full sharing of the initiative by the EUFOR ALTHEA Mission.