BMIS: CIMIC medical care activities of the Italian contingent

(To Greater Defense)

On 09 February, the staff of the CIMIC cell operating at the Italian Military Support Base (BMIS) stationed in Djibouti in synergy with the Italian Caritas present in the Horn of Africa, has organized a Medical Care activity for the local population.

This initiative, the first of the current year, is part of the planning cycle in the Military and Civil Cooperation sector, which resumes after a stop period of about a month and a half due to the concomitance of COVID cases.

Health assistance, supported by the director of Caritas, Sara Ben Rached, and intended for street children and the destitute of the capital city of the Gibutian state, found immediate and enthusiastic support from the medical / nursing staff of the Italian contingent, who carried out the curative visits to a suitable outpatient facility, specially made available by the pastoral body.

During the morning the specialist staff together with two qualified non-commissioned officers military rescuer of the platoon of Force Protection of the BMIS, coming from the 16th wing of the Italian Air Force, carried out medical examinations to pediatric patients, the elderly and pregnant women; the most common pathologies are to be referred to dermatological infections, abrasion wounds, scabies, mycosis, traumatic injuries and broncho-respiratory diseases.

At the end of the day, the director of the Italian Caritas in Djibouti expressed words of sincere gratitude and appreciation for the soldiers of the Italian Military Support Base for the meritorious initiative, which for some time now has been conducted on a weekly basis, hoping for the continuation of this special collaboration to implement essential health care interventions in favor of the less fortunate and most needy people in the area, as a fundamental and valuable contribution to primary care, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases and physical injuries.

The initiative took place in a relaxed, serene and cordial atmosphere, observing all the provisions regarding the prevention of COVID-19.

La Italian Military Support Base (BMIS) in Djibouti, led by Colonel (EI) Gennaro Scotto di Santolo, provides logistical support to all national components in transit on the Gibutian territory engaged in the Horn of Africa and the Indian Ocean, with particular reference to the MIADIT Somalia missions, EUTM Somalia and EUNAVFOR Atalanta.