Joint activity between San Marco marine brigade and Marines

(To Greater Defense)

On 20 and 21 July i Leoni of the marine brigade Saint Mark have conducted joint training with the 22 marine expeditionary unit of the United States Marine Corps.

The exercise saw the Navy riflemen of the 1st regiment Saint Mark employees like Extraction Force (EF) in the simulation of an event Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel (TRAP), activity carried out in the training area of ​​Massafra (TA), during which training is carried out in the tactical recovery of aircraft and personnel who have remained isolated.

The team, consisting of 12 riflemen with capacity Joint Terminal Attack Controller - three-dimensional support fire management - and with military rescue personnel, he was picked up from the Aircraft Station of the Navy of Grottaglie (TA) last July 20 and was subsequently transported with a USMC CH-53E helicopter, on the USS Arlington (Amphibious ship of the American Navy), where intense joint planning phases were carried out aimed at a correct success of the planned mission.

The activity has seen a significant training return for the staff of the 1st rgt Saint Mark responsible for the direction and conduct of the exercise, as well as for health personnel and those employed as opposition forces (OPFOR).

The interaction with the 22 MEU is therefore confirmed as a valuable training opportunity for Navy Fusiliers, which must be pursued promptly in order to bring benefits in terms of professional experience, comparison with US Marines and sharing tactical procedures.