Afghanistan: legal symposium at TAAC-West

(To Greater Defense)

As part of the training, assistance and consultancy activities for the Afghan institutions and security forces, the Herat Train Advise Assist Command West (TAAC-W), currently leading the 132nd "Ariete" armored brigade, organized Tuesday , at Camp Arena, a conference on judicial matters entitled "The rule of law", comparing representatives of the judiciary and representatives of the Afghan Police on topics such as investigative procedures on crimes, criminal law and the methods of coordination between investigative bodies.

The event, promoted by the Police Advisor Team (PAT), saw the participation as speakers of the magistrates Obeidullah Azimi and Ramatullah Wafa of the Herat District Procuratorate and a qualified representation of the provincial and district commands of the Afghan Police, as well as the Regional Herat Police Training Center. The commanders of the criminal investigation departments of the provinces of Badghis, Ghor and Farah also assisted in the videoconference.

During the conference, which was also attended by the commander of the TAAC-W, Brigadier General Enrico Barduani, various topics relating to the conduct of the investigations and the conduct of the procedure were discussed and deepened. In particular, the methods for the correct taking of evidence, for the preparation of judicial police documents and for sending investigative reports were illustrated.

At the opening of the meeting, General Barduani, in thanking the guests who had gathered for the symposium, wished to underline the importance of the event organized by the TAAC-W.

“This conference represents a precious opportunity to discuss topics of great interest and increase cooperation between police bodies and the judicial system. Facilitate relations between institutions and thus strengthen the role of the law - said General Barduani - allows you to instill, among Afghan citizens, ever greater trust in your legal system. "