Afghanistan: Shadow 200 reaches 3000 flight hours

(To Greater Defense)

The "Shadow 200", a remote piloted tactical system (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - UAV), reached the milestone 3000 flight hours in Afghanistan since its introduction into service today.

The Tactical Unmanned Aerial System (TUAS) "Shadow 200" RQ-7C, used in Afghanistan for the observation of areas and routes, has very short warning times and has a sophisticated electro-optical sensor that allows its use also in night missions.

From October 2016, the "Shadow 200" is in force at the "Fenice" Task Group, an aircraft unit employed by the Train Advise Assist Command - West (TAAC-W) currently leading the "Pozzuolo del Friuli" cavalry brigade in command of the Brigadier General Giovanni Parmiggiani, and represents the only UAV tactical level of the Army Aviation to be used by Italy in Operating Theater.

With 780 flight missions behind, the "Shadow 200" helps to satisfy the tactical information requirement (Tactical-ISR) and has earned over time claims of merit thanks to the high flexibility and reliability of its component, thus becoming a valuable structure supporting the activities carried out by the TAAC-W.

The mission Resolute Support It is made up of soldiers from 39 nations, all united in a single purpose, to contribute to training, assistance and advice to local institutions and security forces in order to facilitate the conditions for the creation of a state of law, credible and transparent institutions and above all, autonomous and well-equipped security forces. This path is leading the Afghan Security Forces to take on the task of guaranteeing the security of the country and of its fellow countrymen.