Afghanistan: TAAC-W donates food

(To Greater Defense)

In the mission in Afghanistan, the Italian contingent of "Resolute Support", currently led by the 132nd armored brigade "Aries", donated to the communities of Guzarah and Injil, a town in the province of Herat, 550 Food kits containing basic necessities (rice, flour, legumes, oil, sugar, as well as blankets) to be destined for poor families.

The delivery of Food kits it took place today at Camp Arena, headquarters of the Train Advise Assist Command West (TAAC-W), in the presence of the local authorities of the two districts and the commander of the TAAC-W, Brigadier General Enrico Barduani.

The activity, organized and conducted by TAAC-W civil and military cooperation staff, is part of the numerous humanitarian assistance projects promoted by Italy in favor of the Afghan nation. Support to the population, with particular reference to the most vulnerable sections of society, is one of the activities that goes alongside the main one of training, consultancy and assistance to the Afghan Security Forces, conducted by Italian advisors, to increase functionality and self-supporting capacity.

"With this small contribution - said General Barduani - the Italian contingent wants to further demonstrate the closeness and support to the Afghan population engaged in the difficult process of normalization and growth of their society ".