Afghanistan: airport training for civilians

(To Greater Defense)

From 13 February 2021 at the TAACW in Herat, an Italian-led multinational unit under the command of gen.b. Beniamino Vergori as part of the NATO mission Resolute Support, 10 Afghan civilians have started an intensive "refresh" of all those lessons learned previously, in strict adherence to anti - Covid-19 protocols. In articulate, mr. YMA was the first to successfully complete the process in the ATC (Air Traffic Controller) sector, obtaining the qualification that allowed it to be reintegrated into active service.

The pandemic caused by the spread of COVID-19 had unfortunately interrupted this kind of training aimed in particular at the process of airport transition of the essential services of the Airport and the management of air navigation such as Air Traffic Control (ATC), Airfield Safety Management (ASM), Communication-Navigation-Surveillance (CNS), Meteorology (MET) Fire Crash Rescue (FCR).
Parallel to the specialty Air Traffic Control, the "update" phases are also underway for the weather observer personnel in the Meteorology service, for the firefighter personnel in the Firefighting sector, for the personnel Safety officer in the Flight Safety sector and electronic technical personnel for Air Navigation aids (communications and radio assistance).

The mission Resolute Support in Afghanistan, in addition to supporting the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF), it also has the objective of strengthening the Afghan institutions in the performance of their main functions.
In particular, Italy, which Framework Nation in the western sector of Afghanistan, it ensures the full functionality of Herat International Airport, provides consultancy and assistance in the aeronautical sector and allows personnel of the Afghan Civil Aviation Authority to train in the sector of airport services and air navigation.
The collaboration plan between Italy and Afghanistan for the integration of Afghan personnel at Herat airport has a fundamental strategic value, especially for the future of civil aviation in a country that is trying to get out of years of crisis and instability.

The Italian contingent deployed in Afghanistan, through the Joint Air Task Force - Airfield Operation Cell (JATF-AOC), manages the Herat airport and ensures the function of Senior Airfield Authority. The JATF-AOC, a cell made up of personnel of the Air Force expert (Subject Matter Expert SME) in the regulation, compliance and supervision of airport services and air navigation, supervises the correct provision of essential and residual airport services and the correct integration of personnel Afghan as part of the ambitious transition plan of Herat airport to the Afghan authorities.