Afghanistan: search and recovery exercise for missing personnel in an operational environment in non-permissive conditions

(To TAAC-West)

Herat: At the TAAC-W (Train Advise Assist Command West) in Herat, Afghanistan, a complex exercise was conducted to test the search and recovery capabilities of missing personnel (Personnel Recovery) in an operational environment in non-permissive conditions.

The exercise involved the use of two AH-129D exploration and escort helicopters, two UH-90 multi-role helicopters of the Task Group Fenice, an airborne team specialized in Personnel Recovery and a Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) core.

Carried out through an initial planning phase and a second "live" phase aimed at personnel recovery, the activity was conceived by the TAAC-W command, based on a parachute brigade thunderbolt, and conducted through its CJOC (Combined Joint Operations Center) which coordinated the various structures employed, taking care of every detail: from receiving the correct flow of information, to sharing at the Operating Theater level with Resolute Support HQ to guarantee the correct Common Operational Picture (COP) to the superordinate command, radio procedures, legal aspects, as well as those related to public information, integrating into the complex architecture of Command and Control (C2) the management of the various phases of the tactical activity.

The specialized assets of Personnel Recovery they constitute, especially in high-intensity operating theaters, an essential asset for the protection of the forces employed on the ground, since they are able to guarantee, even in extreme conditions or in hostile environments, the recovery of personnel who should remain isolated.

Il Train Advise Assist Command West (TAAC-W) is, under the Resolute Support of NATO, an Italian-led multinational unit, under the command of Brigadier General Beniamino Vergori and works with the aim of contributing to training, assistance and advice for the Afghan security forces in the western region of the country.