Afghanistan: donation to support DoWA

(To TAAC-West)

The Italian contingent in the Afghanistan mission "Resolute Support", currently leading 132nd armored brigade "Ariete", donated various IT, technical and office materials to the Department of Women's Affairs (DoWA, Department of Woman Affairs) of Herat to support and facilitate the performance of the institution's institutional activities.

The delivery took place in recent days at Camp Arena, headquarters of the Train Advise Assist Command West (TAAC-W), in the presence of the director of the DoWA, Anisa Sarwari and the commander of the TAAC-W, brigadier general Enrico Barduani.

The activity, organized and conducted by TAAC-W civil and military Cooperation staff, is part of the numerous assistance projects promoted by the contingent in terms of support for Afghan institutions and civil society. Specifically, the donation in favor of the DoWA of Herat is part of the activities in support of the role of women in Afghan society, for which social affirmation and professional recognition still face considerable difficulties.

General Barduani underlined the importance of the work done courageously by the DoWA for the improvement of the female condition in Afghan society, expressing admiration for the commitment made by the Department in the various projects, with the woman at the center, promoted by the institute in the province of Herat. “Through this small contribution that will facilitate the carrying out of your demanding tasks - said the commander of TAAC W - the Italian contingent wants to further demonstrate closeness and support to the Afghan population ".

DoWA director Anisa Sarwari, in recalling how the Italian contingent has constantly supported the role of Afghan women in recent years with numerous projects, thanked warmly for the precious donation, expressing gratitude for the support and assistance that the Forces Italian armies provide institutions in their country.

Support to the population, with particular reference to the most vulnerable sections of society, is one of the activities that goes alongside the main one of training, consultancy and assistance to the Afghan Security Forces, conducted by Italian advisors, to increase functionality and self-supporting capacity.