Afghanistan: disinfection of schools in Guzarah

(To Greater Defense)

Disinfection took place today to counter the spread of COVID-19 in some primary and secondary schools located in the Guzarah district of Afghanistan.

A group of disinfectors, in part made up of personnel from the local police of Guzarah, proceeded to carry out an accurate and thorough purification of the school environments, taking advantage of the moment they were closed. This activity will be carried out again before the reopening of the schools, so as to guarantee students a safe return, with the minimum risk of infection and contagion.

The means and materials used to carry out these fundamental procedures were donated by the Italian contingent thanks to CIMIC funds set up for these activities. In a time of world pandemic in which every country is fighting against the spread of Coronavirus and encounters multiple difficulties in finding the necessary resources to sanitize the environments, activities of this type are of primary importance and are essential in order to guarantee safety and the health of citizens.

Italy's commitment in helping and supporting Afghan institutions and citizens has once again translated into tangible, concrete and essential support that aims to improve the current difficult situation and as far as possible to advance the Afghanistan towards a better future.