Afghanistan: courses in favor of the Afghan security forces

(To Army Majority State)

This week, at the Train Advise Assist Command West (TAAC-W) in Herat, two more courses have been concluded in favor of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF). The specialization activities carried out, one of "Photo and Video Editing" and the other of "Mountain Warfare", different in terms of educational offer and type, characterize the ability of the TAAC-W to offer a wide range of courses able to increase the preparation, in all sectors, of the Afghan Security Forces.

The "Photo and Video Editing" course was aimed at those in charge of public information (PI) and operational communication of the 207 army corps of the Afghan National Army (ANA) and the Afghan National Police (ANP) of Herat. Organized and conducted by the PI Cell of the TAAC-W, it has also been opened to some local journalists to encourage projects aimed at integrating Afghan women into institutions and society, and to facilitate and consolidate the network among employees in the communication sector.

The "Mountain Warfare Course", in its second annual edition, fully enters the courses of excellence that the Italian Contingent develops in favor of Afghan military personnel. This is an intensive four-week course, held by instructors from the Italian Army from the Alpine Training Center and the Alpine "Julia" and "Taurinense" brigades. The aim is to specialize the Afghan military in moving, surviving and fighting in a mountain environment. This capacity is fundamental for those who work in Afghanistan, a geographical area characterized by a predominantly mountainous territory with peaks that, in the eastern part, almost touch the 5000 meters and plateaus, like that of Herat, at around 1000 meters of altitude.

"The Italian contingent - explains Brigadier General Giovanni Parmiggiani, commander of the TAAC-W currently leading the" Pozzuolo del Friuli "cavalry brigade - has created a highly appreciated training system, optimizing capacity, time and space available, through upgrading and the use of existing structures and carrying out activities of the highest operational value ".

The mission Resolute Support It is made up of soldiers from 41 nations, all united in a single purpose, to contribute to training, assistance and advice to local institutions and security forces in order to facilitate the conditions for the creation of a state of law, credible and transparent institutions and above all, autonomous and well-equipped security forces. This process is leading the Afghan Security Forces to take on the task of guaranteeing the security of the country and of its fellow countrymen.