Afghanistan: change to the command of the Joint Air Task Force

(To Army Majority State)

Change to the command of the Joint Air Task Force of the Italian contingent in Afghanistan, to the pilot colonel Giacomo Zanetti the pilot colonel Vittorio Carminato took over.

The handover ceremony took place at Camp Arena, the headquarters of the Train Advise Assist Command West (TAAC-W), headed by the "Pozzuolo del Friuli" cavalry brigade, in the presence of the commander, Brigadier General Giovanni Parmiggiani.

The JATF, starting from the 2015, in addition to managing the military airport and managing jointly with the Afghan civilian counterpart, the international airport of Herat has supervised the training of local personnel destined to take over the management of airport services. The Italian Air Force personnel have contributed to the training and training of: air traffic controllers, fire officers, meteorology and flight safety personnel. All essential figures of the Afghan Civil Aviation Authority with which the Italian military interface daily .

Herat airport is among the first airports in Afghanistan to have reached a high quality in services and in having hired new airport management personnel. This goal will shortly lead to the achievement of total integration in the supply of essential services on the airport of the capital of the western region.

The Italian-led TAAC-W carries out Train, Advise and Assist (TAA) activities for the benefit of the Afghan Security Forces (Afghan National Defense Security Force). In this context, with the Military and Police Advisory Team (MAT and PAT) the training and daily assistance to the Afghan Army and Police is ensured, while with the Operations Coordination Center Advisor Team (OCCAT) assistance and advice are provided in institute activities conducted at the inter-force coordination centers located at regional, provincial and district levels.

TAAC-W, an Italian-led NATO Command, is made up of soldiers from 7 nations, all united in a single purpose, to contribute to training, assistance and advice to the Afghan Security Forces in order to facilitate the conditions for the creation of a state of law, credible and transparent institutions and above all, autonomous and well-equipped security forces.