Afghanistan: trained Security Forces

(To Greater Defense)

The commitment of the Italian contingent of Resolute Support continues, currently based on the 132nd "Ariete" armored brigade under the command of Brigadier General Enrico Barduani, in training, consultancy and assistance in favor of the Afghan Security Forces.

These days, at Camp Arena, the Train Advise Assist Command West (TAAC-W) instructors are conducting a wide range of courses aimed at making known and acquired to Afghan staff operating methods, notions and procedures in various military disciplines and public security.

The advisors of Operations Coordination Center Advisor Team (OCCAT), a unit that assists and advises the Afghan counterpart in conducting activities at the inter-force coordination centers located at regional, provincial and district levels, have successfully completed the Tactical Operational Center Organization Course in favor of nine officers of the regional OCC in Herat, who at the end of the lessons achieved the skills to organize and manage independently a small crisis operational unit. At the "Graduation ceremony", held today, the director of the regional OCC of Herat, General Rohullah Khalil Oghlu, was present, testifying to the high significance of the course, who expressed gratitude and appreciation to the commander of the TAAC-W for the constant and effective work of the military of the coalition for the training of Afghan personnel.

Also in the training areas of Camp Arena, the "Intel Course" ended in the last few days, in which ten soldiers from theAfghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF). The course, organized and conducted by the instructors of the Police Advisory Team (PAT) and of Security Force Assistance Battalion (SFAB), allowed the participants to deepen and refine their theoretical and practical knowledge on operating methods and procedures in the information field. In particular, the visitors have become familiar with the reading and study of topographic maps, learned the techniques for carrying out the collection and analysis of information and tested the structures available to the respective units. The advisors of the PAT are now engaged in conducting the "Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course" aimed at instructing the staff of the Afghan National Police (ANP) on the rules of first aid and emergency medical intervention.

The "Counter IED Course" is also underway, on the recognition and security measures to be adopted to counter the threat of improvised explosive devices. The course, organized by the operators of the Military Advisor Team (MAT), a unit that provides assistance and advice to the Afghan Army, is aimed at training the personnel who will instruct the respective departments, according to the training principle of the "Train the Trainer".

In the first month of activity of the TAAC-W led by the 132nd "Ariete" armored brigade, eleven courses have already taken place, for a total of about one hundred Afghan soldiers and policemen trained, to which are added the numerous consultancy and assistance activities in favor of ANDSF departments.