11 Navy ships engaged in activities outside the Mediterranean

(To Marina Militare)

With the departure of Nave Alliance, which took place in recent days to conduct hydro-oceanographic and research activities in the Arctic Ocean, the number of Navy ships involved in
activities outside the Mediterranean Sea, in an area that extends even beyond the geopolitical and geostrategic concept of the Wider Mediterranean.

The frigate Fasan in North America for joint training with the US Navy, the frigate Margottini in the North Sea for the ballistic missile defense exercise called
Formidable Shield (FOSH), the amphibious ship Saint Mark in northern Europe for the participation in a multinational joint exercise which will see the first activation of the Littoral Expeditionary Group (leg), the frigate Rizzo in the Indian Ocean for the Maritime Security Operation agenor, the offshore multi-purpose patrol vessel Morosini in the South China Sea for the Indo-Pacific campaign, the offshore patrol vessel BORSINI in the Gulf of Guinea as part of an anti-piracy operation Gabiniathe destroyer Duilio in the North Sea active with Allied Navies and the 3 class coastal patrol vessels Explorer in Sinai in the Multinational Force & Observers (MFO).

On ships operating outside the Mediterranean are also embarked 8 naval aviation helicopters and 6 boarding teams of the marine brigade Saint Mark, with a total of personnel involved, including crews, of over 1.200 men and women. A commitment outside the straits, in continuity with the consolidated active participation in international operations underway in the Mediterranean basin, such as irini of the EU, Sea Guardian e Noble Shield of NATO together with the conduct of national activities including fisheries surveillance and operations Safe MediterraneanSafe backdrops. Thus continues the action on the sea, under the sea and from the sea of ​​the Navy for the protection of national interests and the safeguarding of maritime safety in all areas of priority strategic interest.