Vision of the Navy on the Maritime Instrument of the future

(To Marina Militare)

The document was recently disclosed "The Future Combat Naval System 2035 in multi-domain operations", which summarizes in a few pages the vision of the Navy on the Maritime Instrument of the future and the guideline for developing and supporting capabilities with a high content of technological innovation.

The document outlines the main requirements that the Maritime Instrument will have to achieve and focuses on some aspects of strategic importance, such as the role and characteristics of unmanned systems, the information and decision-making advantage to be achieved through the integration of systems and the analysis of data, the adaptation of requirements and tools to select, train and employ personnel, which remains the central element of the “Future Combat Naval System 2035”.

Further focuses are dedicated to the concept of sustainability, in a more complex and challenging meaning than the one commonly adopted, and to the methods of developing capabilities, based on agile processes and new synergies between the military, industrial and academic world.

Enjoy the reading!